Type Of Event

When is the event?

How did you hear about us? (required)



How long does setup take?

Setup can be done as fast as 30 minutes and up  to an hour.


Is setup time included in my rental timeframe?

No it is not.


How long should I book in advance?

As soon as possible as our calendar fills up fast!

What areas do you service?

Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside & Temecula

Is a deposit required?

Yes, a $150 deposit is required to save any dates.


Are props included with my rental?

Yes, they are included.



What sizes can it print?

At the moment, our machines only print in 2×6 and 4x6inch formats.


How much space does the booth take up?
We can fit everything down to an 8x8ft space.

Can we use our own backdrop?

Yes, you sure can.


How long does it take from start to print?

The whole process takes about a minute.


Can we re-print some photos?

Yes! Of course!